Book Reviews

  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Forging solidarity: Popular Education at Work. By Astrid von Kotze and Shirley Walters. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Pages: viii + 227 pages. Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies (JAIS), Volume 1, Number 3, December 2017. Pp. 97-100
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Beyond Women’s Empowerment in Africa: Exploring Dislocation and Agency. By Elinami Veraeli Swai. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Pp. xv+220, price $ 85. ISBN: 9780230102484.pp. 15-8. 2012.
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. New South African Review, 2010: Development or Decline. Edited by John Daniel, Prishan Naidoo, Devan Pillay and Roger Southall. Johannesburg, South Africa: Wits University Press, 2010. x+476 pp. ISBN: 978-1-86814-516-4. Paperback. Price: $39.95, p.133-7. 2011.
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Rethinking Africa’s Globalization. Volume 1: The Intellectual Challenges. By Paul Tiyambe Zeleza. Africa World Press/Red Sea Press, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. 2002. pp. 496. $29.95. Kenya Studies Review, Volume 1, Number 1, 2009. Pp. 32-54. pp, 123-5.
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. ‘Womanhood in Colonial Africa, By Tabitha Kanogo’, Book Review. Africa Today Volume 53, Number 4, summer 2007(Indiana University Press, 2007). Pp.118-121.
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Contending Political Paradigms in Africa: Rationality and the Politics of Democratization in Kenya and Zambia by Shadrack Wanjala Nasong'o. Development and Change, Volume 38 (2), 2007. Pp. 349–351.
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Urban Africa: Changing Contours of Survival in the City, edited by Abdou Maliq Simone & Abdelghani Abouhani. Africa Development, Volume XXXI [31], No.3, 2006. Pp. 191-4
  • Maurice N. Amutabi. Agency and Action in Colonial Africa: Essays for John E Flint edited by Chris You’e and Tim Stapleton. Canadian Journal of African Studies, Volume 36, Number 1, 2002. Pp. 182-184.
  •  Maurice N. Amutabi. Resource Conflict in the Horn of Africa by John Markakis. Canadian Journal of African Studies, Volume 35, Number 2. 2001. Pp. 397-400.
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